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The Chilton County IDA understands a successful business-and economy-is reliant on a strong workforce system, producing highly skilled workers. Both workforce development and continuing education fuel growth, our county wants to ensure current and future businesses and industries have the employees with the skills and knowledge they need to grow. Our goal is to enhance the skills already in the workforce and provide tangible and relevant skills for those looking for employment.

From courses at Jefferson State Community College to programs offered through AIDT, Clanton Career Center, and others for on-the-job training, individuals can find a diverse selection of workforce development opportunities to meet their professional goals. Our goal is to meet our people where they are and provide opportunities so business and industries and individuals can keep up with a demanding and changing job market.

We can assist current businesses and businesses looking to establish a new Chilton County location in finding a program which best meets their needs. Workforce development consists of a range of strategies to develop talent and skills, connect employers and workers, and facilitate career mobility.

Business Assistance


Workforce Development & Training