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Workforce Development & Training

Training and Education

Jefferson State Community College

The Chilton-Clanton Campus of Jefferson State Community College offers courses of study in English, humanities and fine arts, natural sciences and mathematics, history, social and behavioral sciences, and nursing. The Chilton-Clanton Campus is a vital resource to Chilton County that offers a variety of classrooms and labs, a Learning Resource Center, and all facilities needed to meet the requirements of Chilton County.

Our latest partnership with Jefferson State Community College, is our Chilton Workforce Development Center. We are currently working with the Jeff State and over 20 private companies to grow a hands on, industry focused workforce program. Our first two programs are focused in the heavy equipment sector. However, the Chilton County Workforce Development Committee is working to complete a comprehensive list
of workforce gaps. The list includes working with certain companies to create a personalized school for their future employees, working with private industry to create a general curriculum for construction and leadership, working to establish a pipeline from the career technical school
(9-12), two year system, four year research universities, and private companies.

Through the partnership with Jefferson State Community College programs are being identified and curriculums for each of the training courses. The current courses focused on for the Career Center are certifications programs in 3-d printing, heavy machine operator, drone certifications, and CDL simulation and driving, this allows for the student/trainee to “graduate” from the training facility with an industry recognized certificate. Grants have been written and the President of Jeff State Community College and their team are working with both the Chilton County Workforce Committee and private partners to fill the gaps in funding for these specified programs. For more information about Jeff State visit their website at www.jeffersonstate.edu

Alabama Industrial Development Training

This statewide resource provides workforce training and recruitment programs to help companies locate to or expand within Alabama. AIDT’s Total Workforce Delivery System has provided thousands of skilled, motivated employees to Alabama industries since 1971. AIDT offers comprehensive pre-employment selection and training, leadership development, on-the job training, maintenance assessments, and industrial safety assessments and training—many of which are industry-specific. AIDT’s unique workforce selection and training processes have achieved the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 certification for a state-funded workforce training program. For more information about this visit their website at www.AIDT.edu.

AIDT is recognized as one of the top 5 workforce training agencies in the US. Their services include:

  • Pre-Employment (Training Development, Videography, Media and Project Support)
  • Post-Employment/On-the-Job Training Support
  • Maintenance Assessments
  • Safety Assistance and Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Process Improvement (Continuous Improvement)

Alabama Technology Network (ATN):

Today’s demanding global marketplace not only encourages continual improvements in profitability and productivity—it demands it.
ATN is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of training programs, technical assistance services, and the quality management system.

That is where this innovative collaboration comes in, a strategic partnership between: Alabama’s community colleges, the University of Alabama System, Auburn University, and the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. For more information about ATN visit their website at www.atn.org

Strategic advice and training is available from ATN in more than a half dozen areas including:

  • Information technology
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Quality systems and engineering
  • Environmental safety and health
  • Human resources and organizational development
  • Business services and management
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Engineering and technical services

Alabama Works – Central Six

The mission of Central Six Development council, also known as Central Six AlabamaWorks, is to create a 21st century workforce that is proactive, responsive, and results driven; supports the region’s diverse population and employers; and, provides quality job opportunities in support of a vibrant regional economy.

Workforce development and economic development depend on one another. Thanks to an aggressive recruitment strategy, Alabama has a diversified industrial base that brings with it quality jobs. Our goal is to develop programs that will accommodate current and future training needs.

The Central Six Development Council serves the following counties: Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Walker.

Chilton County is the most recent opening in our Central Six region of a Regional Job Career Center. We are excited to continue to strengthen our efforts of providing strong workforce development programs throughout our county. For more Information about Central Six, visit their website: https://alabamaworks.com/centralsix/

You can visit our Regional Job Career Center from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p. m. on the 1 st and 3 rd
Wednesday of every month. If need you assistance during other hours, please call or
email 205-663-2542 or Alabaster@ALCC.alabama.gov.

Workforce Training Resource Guide PDF

Alabama Office of Apprenticeship

The mission of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship is to expand the use of registered apprenticeships (RAs) and Alabama industry recognized apprenticeship programs (AIRAPs) for providing high-quality career training which will enable workers and employers to prosper in pursuit of the continued economic development of our state.

For more information about the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship visit their website at www.alapprentice.org.


ON-THE-JOB Training

On the Job Training (OJT) program gives individuals an opportunity to learn new jobs skills and allows employers to train new employees while saving money on training costs. A Business Service Representative (BSR) with our Chiton County Alabama Career Center System office works with the employer to create a training plan that defines objectives and goals for the

The OJT program is designed to provide reimbursement to employers for the extraordinary costs associated with the hiring and training of individuals eligible for these services.

The New Hire OJT agreement allows employer to hire new workers in skilled positions and train them with a goal of permanent employment upon successful completion of training.

For More Information on OJT go to the Alabama Works Website –
https://alabamaworks.com/centralsix/ or you can download this flier

This is an annual program offered throughout the Central Six Regions. Companies in Chilton County have partnered with Central Six, 58 Inc., Jefferson State Community College, and Lawson State Community College to offer pre apprenticeship pathways in the fields of machining and welding.

Click below to view the flier for the current program. For more
information visit their website:www.centralsix.org/jobs

AIDT Leadership Course Program

The Leadership Development classes are offered on a continuous basis at various Education Alliances around the state. Some of these classes charge a small fee, which covers lunch for training dates. Other classes are offered at no charge with lunch being on your own. Each class has a unique registration process, which is noted by each class. These classes are subject to change due to lack of enrollment, illness, inclement weather, etc.

LS-1 is the first course in the Leadership Skills series.  This class is designed for currently employed Alabama citizens who are in leadership roles in their respective companies. There is a comprehensive test given after the class, and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 1”. The class is offered in 2-day format.

LS-2 is the second course in the Leadership Skills series. There is a comprehensive test given after the class, and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 2”. The class is offered in a 1.5-day form.

LS-3 is the final course in the Leadership Skills series. It is recommended for those who have previously attended LS-1 and LS-2.   There is a comprehensive test and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 3”. It is a 1-day course that focuses on a variety of the latest
leadership topics.

For more information of when/where these classes will be offered go to: https://www.aidt.edu/classes/ and if you are interested in sending employees to this class please contact wbarlow@growchilton.org