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Grow In Chilton County

The Chilton Count Industrial Development Authority, Clanton, and Chilton County hired Chambless King Architects and their team to help develop a comprehensive masterplan. The Masterplan was developed through a process of community meetings, community interviews, stakeholder interviews, strategic planning sessions, and a host of web meeting with team members. The goal of the process was to create a complete plan to include resident, commercial, industrial, and business space.

The geographic location of the study was the corridor of Exit 212. This included the land on either side of US Hwy 145 or Lay Dam Road from Jeff State Community College to County Road 43. While some of the corridor is developed, most remains undeveloped and created an opportunity for enhancement of sustainable commercial, agriculture, residential, and industrial development. We are working as a cohesive county wide effort to create a sustainable Chilton County. The plan is comprehensive and covers the plans for future growth over the next 20 years.

Please click here to view the plan. (PDF)

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