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Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2018, stakeholders, community leaders, and citizens gathered for a series of meetings with the Next Move Group at the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative Verbena Community Facilities Room. 

The Purpose:    
Create a strategic economic development plan for Chilton County.  

The Plan:
Establish goals and objectives in a 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year timeline. 

The Method:
Interviews were held and surveys taken to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in Chilton County.
Assessments were made of the highest priorities (those items which continuously appeared in interviews and surveys) for the time to complete and financial commitment.

Upon completion, the team at The Next Move Group delivered the results of the Chiton County Economic Development Strategic Plan.  The results were revealed in a public meeting and published in local newspapers.  The document was then adopted by the Chiton County Industrial Development Board, the Chilton County Commission, and municipal governments inside the county.   As you review the document, understand this is a living document.  The document is a detailed plan of our communities’ assessment of who we are today and what we want to be tomorrow.  

As the community grows, the document is assured to develop and adjust.  It is our roadmap. 

Click here to view our Strategic Plan. (PDF)